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Empowering your decisions with
data-driven solutions

We transform your data so you can gain insight and achieve strategic goals.

By developing autonomous computing solutions, we help give you the freedom to consider several possible options during decision making processes that are often beyond ordinary human cognitive capacity.

Our solutions help you save time and resources by using emerging technologies that speed up processes and decision making.

Team Meeting

People and projects that make a difference.

Our founder and people embrace challenges and leverage our deep skill base to rethink problem solving. ​That approach has helped our clients be recognised through success and for 12thLevel built trust and opportunity.

Our roots were established in the complex world of Defence though we now want to use those 20 years experience to help solve process, data, automation and analytics problems in other industries.


Developing Decision Making Solutions

We develop models that help stakeholders consider several possible options during the decision process beyond ordinary human capacity.

We have developed autonomous algorithms that optimise the existing Personnel Training Scheduling and Investment portfolios in Defence.

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Solving Complex Problems

We solve problems that are very computationally demanding to solve. This needs clever mathematicians and critical thinking skills.


What does this mean?

It means you can get fast and accurate results to underpin your decisions.

And most importantly a defensible choice.

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Work with us to gain insight and empower decisions.

Engineering House,

14/11 National Circuit,

Barton ACT 2600

+61 (02) 6172 0002

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