Career & Workforce Planning

The Problem

The Royal Australian Navy was seeking to improve employee retention and workforce planning. It needed a better way to keep track of employee performance, training and career development throughout this disparate and densely hierarchical organisational structure.

The Result

The initial delivered product provided visible and measurable reporting throughout the organisational chain. The transition of personnel information from paper to database recording provided greater privacy and organisational security, with information access restricted via role-based directive. The RAN recognised that the innate competitive nature of the organisation could be harnessed within this system, which led us to build further functions to track accountability of role responsibilities both up and down the management tree. Implementation of responsibilities and even simple tasks could be tracked, audited and presented as a whole-of-organisation compliance report on management duty of care and employee performance.

Client Feedback

“This supplier has an unparalleled corporate knowledge of Navy business and a strong understanding of the wider Defence information environment.”