Program Interdependency & Risk Management

The Problem

This client was faced with a myriad of inter-dependencies between the thousands of projects that make up Defence capability acquisition and the complex effects of change in schedule, budget and risk. Critical to the portfolio success was the need for all stakeholders to be informed of change in relevant projects to understand the impact on their individual project status.

The Result

In partnership with a systems engineering company, we connected two disparate systems (engineering source data and project management information) to create a visual platform of the interdependencies and influences between these two critical aspects of the portfolio. This allowed a single source ‘truth’ to show the effect of change within and across the programs at any point in time. This groundwork provides opportunity to introduce our high-level analytics capability – which has the capacity to significantly change the work approach from reactive to proactive at the project, program and portfolio level.

Client Feedback

“This is truly an impressive software product and equally impressive is the level of (inter-departmental) integration, all achieved in 6 months.”